Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Comment-Love Letters - With a Twist

Kerri’s Clutter

May is a special month for Comment-Love Letters at Kerri's Klutter.  On Monday Kerri blogged about Monkey, a 16-month-old girl who was recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  To help Monkey and her family, a fundraiser has been started. You can read more about Monkey and find contact information at Kerri's blog.  Here's how Kerri is using Comment-Love Letters to help:
For every person who participates and links up to COMMENT-LOVE LETTERS (on Tuesdays) with me I will donate $1.00 to Monkey. I am doing this to include the rest of the Tuesdays in the month of May as well. If at the end of May, I have a total (from the next 3 link ups) of 10 links I will donate $10 to Monkey. If I have a total of 35 people participate and link up I will donate $35….up to a total donation of $50.

So, if you plan to participate this week, next week or the last week (or all 3 weeks) please mention in your comment-love letter posts that Kerri’s Klutter will be donating $1 to Monkey for each link up and urge your readers to follow suit in linking up to support Monkey.
The way Comment-Love Letters usually works, I would compile comments from the past week and arrange them into a letter from "My Biggest Fan."  The result can be very humorous.  This works well when I've posted silly stories, kitchen disasters, or minor annoyances (like the rabbit that bites off each flower just as it blooms).

But in the past week, most of my posts were serious and the comments heartfelt.  I've been so blessed and encouraged by your comments!  So, at Kerri's suggestion, I decided to write an open letter to everyone who has commented here this week.
Dear Reader,

First, I want to thank you for visiting my blog.  Without you, I'd just be talking to myself.  Without your comments and email messages, this would be a very dull place.  Even I wouldn't want to hang around here.

I would also like to thank you for your encouragement:
  • I think it's totally His will/plan/idea (or whatever you want to call it) that you've been listening to this message "for such a time as this."
  • Thank you for sharing this- it changed my perspective. Truly.
  • Share away Melissa, I offer myself as a listener/reader to your daily struggles and REAL life.
  • This is the most wonderful post, of yours, that I have read.
  • Just thought I would tell you it is like you were speaking personally to me. Thank you.
  • I am going to follow you. You are so encouraging!
  • Such a thought-fulled post. Hope is such a grace and gift. Continue to receive it with joy, thanksgiving and trust...
  • Thank you for your words of truth!
I compiled this list (and it's just a sampling) not to blow my own horn, but to show what an encouragement you are to me.  It's much more comfortable to post recipes and coupon codes than to write personal posts.  It's hard for me to pour out my heart and post it on the internet.  But I have been incredibly blessed when I've overcome my shyness and my self-consciousness enough to share what's really on my heart.  And that's all because of you!  Thank you so much!

Blessings to you!
Visit Kerri for more Comment-Love Letters.


  1. Awesome! I love how you wrote it up!
    Perhaps I should add this as a suggestion for another way to play along with Comment-Love Letters.

    Thanks for joining in to support MONKEY.

    P.S. I gave you a shout out on my vlog and for a few seconds totally thought I said the blog name wrong...lol

  2. What a great letter.

  3. That's a great post :) BTW, I hope you weren't offended by the "no ads" thing. I wasn't talking about your website! I think yours is fine. I get annoyed when every post is hawking a product or you go on a website and its so loaded with ads the page won't load. i don't think you do that at all! :) I appreciate all your comments and I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings at all. I truly do appreciate you!


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