Sunday, April 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Week of April 12

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Our menu plan from last week worked fairly smoothly.  The only glitch was that we didn't have steamed carrots because we didn't have any.  (LOL - I was so certain that we had carrots in the fridge that I didn't even check until I was in the middle of making dinner.)  We have plenty of frozen vegetables on hand, so finding a substitution was easy.

Last week I also tried a new recipe, Chili Cheese Dogs.  Our review of the recipe will follow my menu plan.

Monday:  pulled-pork sandwiches, oven fries, vegetable TBD
Tuesday:  pasta with meatballs (from the freezer)
Wednesday:  homemade hoagies, chips
Thursday:  roast chicken, bread stuffing, vegetable TBD
Friday:  leftover chicken

Chili Cheese Dogs:  The chili dogs were a hit with my family!  I made a few changes to the assembly:  I used hoagie rolls, boiled the hot dogs (without grilling), and used Cheez Whiz instead of cheddar.  However, I made the chili according to the recipe, except that I multiplied it by 1.5.  I've never made chili specifically for hot dogs, and this recipe is quite a bit different from the chili I usually make.  I was skeptical when I first tasted it, because it's quite sweet ... almost like sloppy joes.  When we tasted it together with the hot dogs and rolls, though, the sweetness wasn't overwhelming.  I'll definitely make these again, but I'd probably substitute tomato sauce for some of the ketchup to reduce the sweetness.  I'll also save this for an occasional fun treat, because it's not especially frugal (1.5 pounds of ground beef and a pound of hot dogs) and not especially healthy (same reasons!).

Visit Laura for more Menu Plan Monday. And if you like giveaways, please check out the ones listed in my top right sidebar before you go!  Two of them are ending this week!


  1. Pulled pork is so good. Do you do yours in a crockpot?

  2. Oh, yum! What a great looking week! :D Especially roast chicken! Do you have a recipe or?

  3. Pulled pork sandwiches....yummy. Great menu.

    I found your blog on MPM.

    I started weekly menu link up on my blog today. You can come over and link up if you like as well.

  4. Oh girl it all looks delish! I love Chili Dogs :)

  5. i was telling my mom about your menu plan... and about you freezing the meat, we are super proud of you but we KNOW that neither one of us would ever be able to do it... LOL, I have a hard enough time trying to come up with something to cook ( I do not know but like 3 things!)


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