Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday's Fave 5 - April 9

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I must sound like a broken record:  It's been another rough week, and I've been very stressed.  But this week has brought some wonderful blessings, as well, and I'm choosing to focus on those.  Here, in no particular order, is my Friday's Fave 5 list:
  1. I got a phone call from an old friend.  We've exchanged Christmas cards and the occasional email, but we hadn't talked for at least a couple of years.  It was so good to chat, catch up, and try to find a day to meet for lunch.
  2. BookSneeze just made a limited number of copies of Plan B available to bloggers, and I was able to place my request before they ran out.  I'm looking forward to reading it!
  3. At a time when I was feeling particularly low, I realized (again) that even when I don't feel as though God is with me, He is.  What a gift that is!
  4. Since temperatures reached up to 90 degrees this week, I have a renewed appreciation for air conditioning!
  5. Our flowering bulbs still look lovely, with the exception of the tulips--which are evidently a favorite of Hoppy, our neighborhood rabbit.  It just adds insult to injury when he chews off the flower and leaves it on the ground (as in the last photo). :)

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  1. Love your flowers! :) Sorry you had a rough week! I know it is a simple thing, but it is nice to think about a few favorites even in a bad's good blog therapy! :)

  2. We've been enjoying the airconditioning at my mothers house here in Florida as well. A week ago it was cool, but now we need it even at night.

    Sounds like a good week.

  3. I hope you have time to relax and renew over the weekend. The flowers are pretty. Did you stop to smell them while photographing them?

  4. Oh that pesky wabbit!! I'm glad you were able to find blessings in the midst of a rough week.

  5. I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough week. I pray that God will bless you and give you His peace this weekend. I pray that the stressed points will smooth out and you'll find rest in Him, specifically this weekend!

  6. Your third fave is just wonderful. How beautiful your flowers are. I love the purple ones but don't know their name. What do you call them? Have a great week.

  7. Doesn't it help so much to focus on the FFF list in the midst of a rough week? The little blessings remind me that God is with me.

    Yay for AC! Have a great weekend.

  8. What a naughty bunny that Hoppy is. I can't believe you mentioned air conditioning. We've had an awful week weather wise. Getting below freezing at night and super windy. The big city a couple of hours from us had a huge spring blizzard that shut down highways for 5 - 7 hours. Air conditioning is still just a far away dream. LOL.

    Sorry to hear that you've had a rough week. #3 was such a good one to remember. Thanks for that reminder.

  9. We had high temps this week also. It made for some great days. But, we are back to rain and cold for now.

  10. I totally forgot to order it. The books are flying of the shelves over there. Have a great week.

  11. Oh, that Hoppy!

    Hope your week is great this week. Sometimes when we've had a rough one, the blessings just pop out -- they shine through the clouds. Just praying this week you have more sun than clouds.

    Take care and happy weekend.

  12. Wonderful Friday Fav Five. I have not played in a while so I am meeting lot of new bloggers this time round!

    Your flowers are beautiful, bunny not withstanding!


  13. Bad Hoppy!!

    90 degrees! Holy Hotness!! I would totally be turning on the air!

    I hope this coming week is better for you:)

  14. Hope you are able to get some rest this weekend! Praise God for His omnipresence, so we can know He is always there! :D

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I love AC!!!!
    I hate being hot!


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