Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dishing It! at Serenity Now - Blog Party

PhotobucketToday I'm happy to be linking up to Amanda's new blog party, Dishing It!

The topic she's chosen is your blog, and she offers a list of sample questions in this post.

I've written before about why I started blogging, and why I love it.  The short version is this:  I started blogging as a way to be creative without spending a lot at the craft store.  I quickly learned, however, that the greatest rewards are the friends I've made.  I appreciate every comment and email (well, except for the ones trying to sell discount pharmaceuticals or award me a b'zillion dollar prize if I just wire $10K into someone's account), and I enjoy visiting and commenting on other blogs.

How long have I been blogging?  One year, almost to the day.  [Stay tuned for a special announcement tomorrow.]  My first post was a stereotypical "Hello, world" message.  Looking back, I don't think my "mission statement" has changed all that much, although it has shifted a bit.

What do I blog about?  Food and faith, mostly, I guess.  At first I blogged about papercrafting, but I haven't had the time to do much of that since I started blogging for a while.  I like to keep it real.  You'll find out that, no matter how hard I try, I'm not perfect.  You'll hear about the recipes that my family liked, but also the ones that were flops. You'll see when I stumble and fall, and when God picks me back up.  You'll hear about the ups and downs of my struggle with a chemical imbalance, and how God has graciously provided me with family and friends to walk this rocky path with me.  You'll see that, even on this rough road, there's still joy!  And yes, you'll get to know my amazing son "Mooseman" and my rockin' husband.

Don't forget to visit Amanda for more Dishing It!   Before you go, please check out my giveaways in the top right sidebar and also remember that today is the last day to submit questions for a personal-finance expert.  Thanks!


  1. Okay. I'm intrigued. I must read more about Mooseman - what a great name!

  2. I've never visited your blog before, so this party is just lovely. Nice to meet you!

  3. Stopping over from Amanda's, so nice to meet you! I love the perfectionist post, that is so me!

  4. This is such a great Intro. for your blog. :) I love the comments too, except for some strange person who decided to spam several of my posts last night. Grrr...Thanks so much for coming over and linking up. Have fun "partying." :)

  5. Hi...

    I'm visiting by way of Amanda's party (isn't this fun??). I loved reading about you and your frugalness appeals to me, altho I've often labeled myself as "cheap", but I try not to cuz that doesn't sound so good! Frugal is better! lol!

    Thanks for sharing about yourself,


  6. Stopping by from Amanda's 'Dishing It' party!

  7. Nice meeting you! Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to checking out some of your food posts.

  8. Love your introduction. I found you through Amanda's party (and your visit to say hi to me too!).
    I love your post about perfectionism. Off to check out more of your blog...

  9. Hi! I'm visiting from Amanda's party too! It was fun reading about you. I am excited to read more of your posts!


  10. Shopping on a budget, that's right up my alley! Great to meet you!!!

  11. Food & Faith... Sounds like my kind of blog!! Look forward to reading more... I am now a follower.

    Stopping by to visit from Amanda's Party and to say "Hi"!

  12. Hi Melissa!

    It's so mice to meet another sister in Christ!
    I look forward to reading what's in your heart and on your mind!
    SO glad I found you!
    Blessings from my home to yours!

  13. I'm another visitor from Amanda's party too. It was nice reading up on you. Buget shopping should be a sport. haha

  14. I love frugal friends! It is so much fun to find bargains and be creative. So nice to meet you.

  15. Ok. So I am loving your chocolate posts and the Monday menu planning posts. I will def. be using some of your menu ideas. Thanks for linking up so I could come on over and meet you. Have a great Thursday!

  16. I am here from the party! I love Frugal Creativity! Now I have you on my public blog list! Nice to meet you!
    -Mama E


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