Friday, March 26, 2010

Remove Your Personal Information From Spokeo

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I just came across this post on One Bored Mommy, and I checked it out.  Sure enough, I found a disturbing amount of personal information on Spokeo.  (To see for yourself, visit and search for your own name.)  Not all of the information is accurate, but I still don't want it available to anyone who happens to search my name!

At the bottom of the Spokeo home page is a Privacy link, through which you can find out how to remove your information from the database.   Thanks to One Bored Mommy for the heads-up on this!

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  1. That is crazy. It doesn't show a picture of my house. But I put in the name of some friends and about 1 out of 5 it shows a picture of the front of their house and any cars in the driveway.

  2. Thank you Melissa. While Spokeo hasn't broken the law, they endanger people by giving a face and an address. They didn't have my pic but my house was there and directions to it!

  3. yikes! Thanks for the info... on my way to delete my info.


  4. OMG! There's a picture of me, my home, info that's not correct, but much is..that is scary. Where do they get the pictures.

  5. I am frustrated. It won't let me delete my info,. Says the captcha phrase is wrong. I';be tried at least 10 times,

  6. I am spooked! The photos of my house were taken just within the last year or so. And here I thought I was unlisted.

    Thanks so much for bringing this to attention!

  7. Holy crap, that is creepy!! Thanks for the heads up!

    I'm really careful about my identity online and don't have my address out there on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I wonder how it's getting the (some of it incorrect) information?

  8. ow wow- this is EVIL- everything in ONE place- i did my entire household!!!

  9. Melissa,thanks so much for coming over to my blog today-for more than one reason! I am going to post about this today too~I too found it very disturbing what I found, and removed both mine and my husbands listing....

  10. Here's a link with more information on where Spokeo gets information- it feels so futile to try and delete these things!!! It's so scary...

  11. I just don't get how Spokeo can divulge all of the information. About 4 years ago, Spokeo even had a birds eye view of my home (similar to Google Earth). I really don't think that all of this information should be on the internet. Thanks for the information.


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