Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, Already?

Q. What's worse than a Monday morning?

A. Waking up on Monday morning and realizing that you're already behind schedule!

We had a wonderful but busy Sunday.  Because of a special event at church last night, I spent the afternoon hemming my husband's new pants instead of planning a menu and schedule for the upcoming week.  I have no Menu Plan Monday post, because I have only a sketchy idea of what we're going to eat.  The theme will likely be a combination of quick and easy and use up the perishables before they expire.

I'm getting away from the computer so I can catch up a bit, then I hope to be back this afternoon.  See you then!

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  1. Add Daylight Savings Time to the mix of what makes a bad Monday. lol

  2. Oh I'd be a disaster without some sort of plan. I always feel so discombobulated (love that word) without my plan, to do lists, calendar.
    Good luck getting back on track!!

  3. good luck on getting caught up! I feel for you though.. I'm seriously about 4 hours behind today and I have no idea how!! Good luck with your quick and easy use up all the LO food menu!

  4. Oh girl I'm so glad I'm not the only one. After Church we spent the day with my dad and we got home late. My whole day off!

  5. What is worst than a Monday morning? Sunday night when you realized the weekend is over;)

    Good luck with the planning and hope things got easier.

  6. I have been having trouble getting up too. My posts are going up later and later.


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