Monday, March 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Week of March 22

Last week, when I woke up on Monday with no menu plan or schedule, it seemed to take all week to catch up. This week it's a relief to have a menu plan in hand:  it's such a key to helping the week go smoothly!

This week I'm continuing to use up what's in the freezer, and I plan to use some of the potatoes that were on sale last week.  I hope to make a double batch of mashed potatoes on Tuesday, and freeze them for another time.  I've never tried that before, but I've heard that it works!

Monday:  Meatloaf (from the freezer), baked potatoes, vegetable blend (frozen)
Tuesday:  Baked flounder, mashed potatoes, corn (frozen)
Wednesday:  Pasta with meatballs (from the freezer)
Thursday:  Grilled chicken with Asian flavors, rice, sugar snap peas (frozen)
Friday:  Eggplant rollantini (frozen, not homemade) with pasta

For more menu plans, ideas, inspiration, and recipes, visit Laura for Menu Plan Monday.


  1. We are having meatloaf tonight also! I need to make more ahead of time to freeze...just don't think ahead enough to do that. But I definitely plan my does really help make the week go easier. Love your blog!

  2. We had meatloaf last week and both my guys inhaled it.

  3. Hey! We are doing meatloaf too this week. Mini meatloaves though.


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