Friday, March 5, 2010

Fess Up Friday - My Thursday Afternoon

It's been a thoroughly exhausting week!  By Thursday I was Worn.Out.

I spent the morning doing what had to be done--laundry, homeschooling, dishes--and then I took the afternoon off!  I blogged, I read the Bible, I exercised, and I watched the Food Network.  For dinner we had oven-fried chicken and, um, potato chips.

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  1. Hope you can get rested up over the weekend and will be ready for the new week. I love weekends. Saturday is my sleep in day... no setting the alarm clock, no hour trip to work and an hour home. I can just piddle around the house all day if I like. Or make a trip to town and to the library, do a little grocery shopping and hit the dollar store maybe. It all depends on if I have money to spend.

  2. I'm with ya..this week has been exhausting. Hope you have a great weekend.
    (I just realized I wasn't following you...not sure how that happened because I know I had you in my dashboard at one point...oh well, you're back there now!)

  3. Well I hope next week is better for you! Or at least this afternoon compared to yesterday's afternoon! I noticed you said you homeschool- if you could email me and let me know what you think is the good, bad and ugly of homeschooling and what curriculum you use? We are looking for options right now for my son and I'm trying to do all the research I can. You can email me at Thanks! Here's to a better weekend!!! ((hugs))

  4. Oh dear I say that is well deserved! Good for you to take a little down time I forget to and then I get slammed with a cold or just exhaustion that takes it all out of me.

  5. Get some rest this weekend. Every day is new chance for something beautiful!


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