Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Comment-Love Letters

Kerri’s ClutterI decided to take another shot at compiling comments from the past week into a "Comment-Love Letter" to link up to Kerri.  Mine never seem to turn out as funny as hers, but I hope you like it!  Click on the logo to read Kerri's post and/or to link up your own.

Dear Melissa @ Frugal Creativity,

Hi there! Happy Friday. ;o)  I have been wanting to try one of these.

Oh girl I'm so glad I'm not the only one.  We are having meatloaf tonight also!  I need to make more ahead of time to freeze...just don't think ahead enough to do that.   Does pouring Ragu over pasta count as a recipe? ;o)  Oh wow that is so pretty and cool! I would love to visit, the boys wouldn't but me this is perfect!!

What is worst than a Monday morning? Sunday night when you realized the weekend is over;)  After Church we spent the day with my dad and we got home late. My whole day off!  Add Daylight Savings Time to the mix of what makes a bad Monday. lol  I have been having trouble getting up too.  Monday was my birthday and I just took the entire day off... bad idea!  I'm seriously about 4 hours behind today and I have no idea how!!

I definitely plan my menu...it does really help make the week go easier.  Oh I'd be a disaster without some sort of plan. I always feel so discombobulated (love that word) without my plan, to do lists, calendar.  No recipes though.  Good luck with your quick and easy use up all the LO food menu!  I'm all about cutting corners and being earth friendly if I can! ;)

What a yummy way to start off your day!  I'm so jealous! I'm out of coffee and need it!

I was surprised when I heard about the CFL bulb too. I grew up on this stuff. Yum.  Love them have them in the house! It's amazing how products are promoted without disclosing the bad stuff until after it gains popularity.

Good luck getting back on track!!  good luck on getting caught up! I feel for you though.. I'm playing catch up as well.  Good luck with the planning and hope things got easier.
That's a great link! :)  My girls love anything Disney. :)  Love your blog!

Your Biggest Fan


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