Thursday, February 11, 2010

NFCC: Financial Workbooks and Resources

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) offers a number of resources to help consumers learn to make financially responsible choices.  Some of these resources, such as the Budget Worksheet, are available at no cost.  If you're facing mortgage trouble, you can order a free copy of Avoiding Foreclosure, a consumer education DVD that may provide some helpful information and suggestions.

Now NFCC has created workbooks to get folks on the right track towards some of the most common financial goals. From Better Fortunes to More than One Way Out and Live a Richer Life, these workbooks are filled with tips, advice, and strategies straight from the experts!

Each workbook contains approximately 80 pages, and all of these titles are also available in Spanish.  These are the titles:
  • Keys to Homeownership
  • Better Fortunes:  Control Your Money, Control Your Life
  • More Than One Way Out:  Personal Bankruptcy, Consequences and Alternatives
  • Live a Richer Life:  A Roadmap to Personal Financial Health Following Bankruptcy
The workbooks can be ordered through the NFCC publications page.

Disclosure:  I have received no compensation for sharing this information with you.


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