Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kreativ Blogger - Meet Some New Blogging Friends

Thanks to Joy, who writes Joy of Desserts and who, until recently, has been hosting Save Room for Dessert at Our Krazy Kitchen, for this blog award!

Every blog award comes with rules, and this one is no exception:

The Kreativ Blogger Award rules
  1. Post the award.
  2. Thank and mention the person who gave you the award.
  3. Pass the award on to seven bloggers whom you think embody the spirit of the Kreativ Blogger Award.
  4. Name seven things about yourself that others don't know.
  5. Don’t forget to notify your seven Kreativ Bloggers about their AWARD and post links to their blogs.
I'd like to pass this along to seven bloggers (listed in no particular order) whose blogs I've discovered fairly recently:
  1. Jamie at Cake Mom (Check out her Cake Gallery.)
  2. Julie at Growing Your Grass Greener (Don't miss her Creative Tuesday posts.)
  3. Holly at Homebody (Here's just one of her thrifty home decorating projects are not to be missed.)
  4. Kerri at Kerri's Klutter (Always fun to read, and now she's collecting cards to help cancer patients.)
  5. Kelly at The Chick 'n Charge (Look at the way she decorated this bedroom.)
  6. Unfinished Mom (I don't know her first name!  But check out this pineapple souffle!)
  7. Alexis AKA MOM at Running away? I'll help you pack! (She's sweet and fun, and she's keepin' it real!) 
Thinking of seven things you don't know about me is the hard part!  How about this?
  1. I strive to seek God's will in everything I do.  I don't always get it right, but I'm not giving up.  Here's a wonderful example of how He leads.
  2. These are ten things that make me happy.
  3. I am not a perfect housewife!  (No surprise there, I know!)
  4. Seven things (and seven more things) you might not know about me
  5. Why do I love blogging?
  6. These are ten things that you probably don't know about me ...
  7. ... and here's one more post with a fun Q & A list.
That's got to be at least 37 things, so I hope you won't mind that it's not all new!

Thanks again, Joy!


  1. Congrats on your award and congrats to those that received it.

  2. Thanks for thinking of me! On congrats to you!

  3. Don't you just love awards! We get to learn about you and you get to make someone else work on the list! Hope you have a wonderful evening!

  4. Yea!! My first award! Thank you so much!

    Congrats to you too.

  5. Wow! I am truly honored:) Thank you so much!

  6. Congrats! Thanks so much for your prayers!

  7. How very nice! I'm so grateful that you found something in my little blog that you like. Thanks so much. -Sharon

  8. WOW! I am so honored! Thank you for thinking of me! Bloggin' buddies are the BEST!

  9. Oh girl you're too sweet!!! I'm the same not the best house keeper and trying to hard to reach my best in God's eyes.


  10. I am definitely gonna hop over and visit someone!


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