Saturday, February 27, 2010

Help Haiti Live - Concert Tonight

Help Haiti Live - Feb 27

Sorry for the short notice:  I just read about this and wanted to pass it along right away.  This is from the Help Haiti Live website:

On January 12th an earthquake shook Port-au-Prince leaving thousands dead and many more without food, water, or shelter. Now, more than a month later, Compassion International is still standing with the people of Haiti.

Compassion has been meeting the physical and spiritual needs of Haitians for more than forty years and will continue to serve them in this time of extreme need. Already Compassion International has supplied more than 15,000 families with clean water, food, blankets, temporary shelter, medical supplies and counseling.

Your donation will lay bricks, feed, educate, clothe, heal and rebuild Haiti in Jesus’ name for many months to come. Please give.
To help raise funds, Nashville artists (including--according to the Compassion website--Big Kenny, Alison Krauss with Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas, Jars of Clay, Mat Kearney, Jon Foreman, Matt Wertz, Brandon Heath, Dave Barnes, NEEDTOBREATHE) are coming together for a benefit concert tonight.  If you're in the Nashville area, you might still be able to purchase tickets.  The rest of us can watch the concert live online.

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  1. What an amazing thing, darn I missed it :(. What a wonderful thing to do! Thanks for posting ;)