Friday, February 19, 2010

Contest: Create Your Dream Kitchen

Imagine your dream kitchen.  Would it have a casual breakfast bar or a formal dining area?  An island cooktop and wall oven, or a gourmet range?  Tile floors, or hardwood?

Schumacher Homes is running a Create Your Dream Kitchen contest to find out.  I just entered, and it was fun to imagine that dream kitchen.  (I'd add that my real kitchen, although it doesn't have upscale features like a gourmet range and granite countertops, is very close to my ideal layout.  It's fun to dream, but I'm very content with what I have.)  The entry process is quick, and everyone who enters will be entered into the drawing for an iPod Touch on March 20th, 2010.

You can find the official rules and entry form on the contest page.  By the way, if you like entering contests, don't miss the two I posted yesterday.

Disclosure:  I wrote this post to participate in a Global Influence blogging campaign.  For my participation, I have received an entry in a prize drawing, but no direct compensation.


  1. OH my gosh!!! I must enter that right away!!! :) Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I can envision my dream kitchen. I had a very nice apartment years ago that had a kitchen I really loved. Now, I don't have enough counter space, which I think is the main problem. Good luck!


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