Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Laugh or Cry?

Just yesterday I mentioned to a friend that I've been feeling scatterbrained lately.  It's very frustrating!  This is a medication side effect that I can't wait to be rid of.

So this afternoon I preheated the oven to bake the eggplant dish that I'd defrosted.  I set the timer for an hour so I could top it with cheese; it'll be eggplant parm after I add the mozzarella.

Forty-five minutes later I looked over to see how much time was left on the timer, and guess what was on the counter ....

(No, I didn't waste any time getting this into the oven, and yes, I covered it before baking.  I took this photo when I assembled the dish last week.  I'd decided not to blog it ... until this happened!)


  1. I have done that before. Stinks especially when your really hungry.

  2. I do that without meds so don't feel bad!

  3. I have had days like this! Fortunately you saved the day. Praying you can find something that does not leave you scatterbrained. You can be glad though that it is a side effect and not your permanent state. :-)

  4. it's stree. pure and simple- too much on the brain- been there, got THAT t-shirt! at least you didnt have company coming over- see it could have been worse! LOL

  5. Stuff like this happens to me a lot. Especially when I feel overwhelmed. Soon you will be off that bad meds and be brilliant again:)


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