Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last Chance: Donate Swag Bucks for Haiti Earthquake Relief

Just a quick reminder that today is the last full day to donate Swag Bucks to help relief efforts in Haiti. Here's what they're doing (copied from the Swag Bucks site):

Here's your chance to use your Swag Bucks to support a great cause. Please consider donating some of your Swag Bucks to our Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. All Swag Bucks we collect will go directly toward donations to two major relief organizations:

* American Red Cross
* Doctors Without Borders

Here's how the total Swag Bucks collected will be converted into a cash donation:

1,000,000 SB = $100,000.00
750,000 SB = $73,750.00
500,000 SB = $47,500.00
250,000 SB = $23,250.00
150,000 SB = $13,750.00
100,000 SB = $9,000.00
75,000 SB = $6,375.00
50,000 SB = $4,050.00
25,000 SB = $1,925.00
20,000 SB = $1,500.00

The deadline for donations is Friday January 22nd at 12:00pm PST.
For more ideas on how to help, see my earlier post and/or read Alyssa's update at Keeping the Kingdom First.
Disclosure:  Swag Bucks links in this post are referral links, but I can assure you that that isn't the reason I'm posting this!


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