Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

It's been an up-and-down week. When things are rough, I think it's the most important time to focus on my blessings. So here's my list for this week:
  1. My husband is always at the top of my list, even when I don't specifically include him on my FFF list.  He's a great dad, a fabulous husband, and a wonderful provider.  I know it's no fun to head to work when it's still dark and cold outside, but he does it every day.  I also know that it's a challenge to deal with the unpredictability of my medical condition, but he's always there for me.  Even though he can't fix everything, he is always willing to do all that he can to help.  Even when all he can do is hug me and assure me that I'm not going through this alone, he's right there to do just that.
  2. We had an especially wonderful Sunday morning.  The worship, the music, the message, the fellowship ... it was exactly what I needed to get re-centered before starting a new week.
  3. On Tuesday, a friend recommended the daily devotionals from In Touch Ministries.  On Wednesday, when I was having a difficult morning, the title was The God Who Rescues.  What perfect timing!
  4. This week we had three freezer meals and two easy-to-prepare dinners.  Real food with minimal work is a blessing!
  5. My son and I were on the stationary bikes again this week.  I was about to exercise on my own, and I had the MP3 player in my hand.  He came over and said, "I was going to ride with you ... or would you rather listen to music instead?"  That's easy to answer:  I can listen to music anytime.  We didn't take a world tour this time, but we still had fun!
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  1. Good list!! :) I hope your husband sees this. :) I've had a reply email up to send you for like a day or two now. I am so stumped on an idea for a guest post. I just don't feel like I'm a really creative person. :s I promise I'm thinking!! Do you have anything specific in mind? :s

  2. I hear you on the up and down weeks. Glad that you had a wonderful time of worship on Sunday. And your husband sounds like a fabulous guy!

    Have a great weekend! I hope it's restful and enjoyable for you.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. How sweat of your son to want to ride with you!

  4. Your man sounds like a very caring husband! And your boy is so sweet! I need an exercise partner like that.

    Hope you have a weekend that is all up!

  5. Yes - God bless our hard-working, loving husbands!!

    I've been exercising with my daughter - makes it a lot more fun!

    I'll have to check your freezer meal recipes out.

    Happy weekend!

  6. How sweet of your son to accompany you on the stationary bike. Exercise is easier when he have company.

    A wonderful husband is truly a gift.

  7. Love to hear about you and your son! And good food without the fuss? That's a real blessing.

    FFF is so much fun. I'm meeting some great bloggers! Hope your week is awesome.

  8. Your son is so precious! It is such a blessing when we have a good man on our side:)


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