Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Coupon Mom Show

Have you heard of Stephanie Nelson, the Coupon Mom?  I just learned about her, which is pretty surprising, considering that she's been on numerous TV shows to share her tips and tricks for saving money.

Some of her tips will be familiar to veteran coupon clippers, but I would venture to say that she has something that would benefit almost everyone who wants to live more frugally.

Now you can also see weekly episodes of the Coupon Mom Show, every Thursday on YouTube.  And on the Coupon Mom show forum, you can ask Stephanie your own question or suggest a challenge for the Coupon Mom. (Forum use requires a free membership/registration.)  This sounds to me like a great resource!

Disclosure:  I have received no compensation in any form for sharing this information with you.

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  1. I've seen her on The Today Show. She's always giving tips on using coupons on double or triple coupon days in grocery stores in combination with Store Specific Coupons. We basically have only 2 chains of grocery stores where I live-cub and Rainbow. Neither of them have a double or triple coupon day-I'm not even sure what that is-lol. I admire her though, getting $100 worth of groceries for almost free. Crazy. :)


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