Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Send Me Your Questions about Holiday Cooking and Entertaining!

dinner tableNo, I certainly don't profess to have the answers, but I have an opportunity to ask someone who does!

Best-selling author Pam Anderson--food columnist for USA Weekend, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and author of the cook book series The Perfect Recipe--is happy to share and teach some of her own rich and decadent dishes.

Do you have questions about holiday cooking or entertaining? Maybe you're looking for a new recipe, a twist on an old standby, or a healthier version of a family favorite. Perhaps you'd like tips on staying stress-free while cooking for the holidays. And who isn't looking for ideas to save time and money all year?

Send me your questions, either in a comment or by email, and I'll forward several of them to Pam. I need to have the questions by Sunday at 3:00pm (Eastern) so I can compile a list.

In the meantime, check out these free resources from Carnation:
  • An Interactive Online Virtual Kitchen,, where you’ll find recipes, tips and tools to help create an easy, financially smart and stress-free holiday season
  • A free “Holiday Houseful” Recipe Guide featuring the perfect recipe for every entertaining occasion this holiday season, including everything from Brunches and Potlucks, to Game Day and Appetizers and even Leftovers! (You can either send away for a free printed booklet or download a .PDF version.)

Disclosure: This opportunity is being offered by Carnation. I have received no compensation in any form. I just thought it was something fun to share!

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  1. Ohh! Thanks for getting our questions answered. I've had a question that I've had for a while. My family are big eaters and for the past few years I've been changing and using organic/locally grown foods in the dishes and some dishes don't turn out as tasty or what we're use to. Is it all the additives that give it flavor? I don't want to over season. The main one is the stuffing. How do I recreate that unique flavor using fresh ingredients? I hope Pam can help me out.


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