Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Save 70% at Restaurant.com

Need a last-minute gift? Restaurant.com gift certificates are now available for 70% off; see the code at the end of this post. And when you order Restaurant.com gift certificates, you can immediately print them from your computer. If time runs out, you can even order on Christmas morning and have the gift in your hand within minutes!

Restaurant.com now also sells gift cards. When you give a Restaurant.com gift card, the recipient gets to go online and select the restaurant they want to visit. Right now you can get free shipping on New Restaurant.com Gift Card orders of $40+ shipped in time for Christmas now available through 12/21/09!

Holidays at Restaurant.com

New Restaurant.com Gifts Cards starting at $15 for $25 cards. Use current promo code SNOW to save an additional 70% off thu 12/17/09!

Now Take 70% off Restaurant.com $25 Gift Cert. orders! Use code SNOW and Pay $3 thru 12/17/09.

Disclosure: We love Restaurant.com and use these certificates regularly. I like to share the discount codes with friends, anyway, but I need to disclose that the links in this post are affiliate links.

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  1. Oh well. I missed it. Maybe next year I can catch it:)


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