Thursday, November 5, 2009

Virtual Cookie Exchange - Coming Soon

Starting on Monday, I plan to post some of my family's favorite Christmas cookie recipes. I invite you to participate in a Virtual Cookie Exchange by linking up your favorite cookie recipes, too!

The MckLinky blog hop will be available on Monday November 9. You can link up your recipe post, then add the blog hop code to your post. That'll make it easy and fun for readers to hop from blog to blog and see all the recipes. I hope you'll join in!


  1. Cool!! It has been a while since I did a cookie exchange! A virtual is just as cool! I will not overeat with this exchange;)

  2. ACK! Christmas cookies already? LOL! A virtual cookie exchange sounds better than all that baking at one time. ;-)

    Though, I might need a tweet of instruction on the blog hop code thing. Haven't done that yet. If you have time, email me details? farmers.wife (at)

    FYI, Thanks for the follow on my blog ;-) And, I'm a happy subscriber; love your blog coming to my inbox.

    Happy Thursday!


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