Monday, November 30, 2009

Two More Deals!

If you use gift certificates to save on dining out, don't miss this chance to save 80% off the already-discounted prices. 80% off $25 Gift Cert. orders. Use code SAVE and Pay $2 thru 11/30/09.

If you use prepaid phone calling cards on a landline, check out this deal from I wanted to purchase one of these cards as a gift, and I found the Walmart offer through a SwagBucks search. Right now--I don't know when the offer ends--you can get an AT&T 2000-Minute U.S. & International Rechargeable PrePaid Phone Card for $44.88. (With state sales tax and shipping, I paid about $49 total.) If I'd planned ahead, I would have clicked through the SwagBucks Shop & Earn section, and I would have earned some SwagBucks (1 SB for every $5 spent) for that purchase!

Be sure to read the details of any offer. At least one reviewer on the Walmart site was disappointed that the phone rates are higher for in-state calls, which is clearly outlined in the product description.

Disclosure: The links for and SwagBucks are affiliate/referral links. I have no affiliation with Walmart or

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