Saturday, November 7, 2009

Game Day: Yamodo Party Time

Yamodo Party Time, "the definitive game of made-up words," is the newest variation of the award-winning game Yamodo (Idea Storm Products). This game is all about imagination!

The Basics (from the Rules):

  • 4 - 12 players
  • Ages 12 to adult

About Yamodo Party Time (from the Rules):

Yamodo Party Time is the definitive game of made-up words. Played in quick rounds, all players compete to win the current judge's favor by creating the "best" definition to a given made-up word and tag line. Stay on your toes, though, because midway into the round the Spindoodler is spun and the consequences only add to the fun! Write it, doodle it, and feel free to lobby the judge on why your definition is best. Every round has a new judge, word, and tag line, so you never know what your mind will draw out!

How the Game Works:

  1. Choose a player to be the first judge. This honor is passed from player to player between rounds.
  2. The judge, or Chief Imaginator, gives each player a doodling sheet. Each sheet has a doodle already started on it, as well as space for a definition.
  3. The Chief Imaginator chooses a Word Card, which contains a made-up word (e.g., "Zipperdo"), and reads the word to the players.
  4. The Chief Imaginator chooses a Tag Line Card, which gives a theme for the round (e.g., "hard to believe").
  5. The Chief Imaginator starts the timer (a 30-second "hourglass" timer) and players begin doodling and defining the word. When time runs out, the Chief Imaginator spins the Spindoodler, which determines what happens next. The four options include passing cards for other players to complete and ending the round immediately.
  6. At the end of the round, players turn in their cards and the Chief Imaginator picks a winner based on whatever criteria he chooses. The game ends when one player has won three rounds.


I love games that involve word play and imagination! Although drawing is not my strength, you don't have to be a great artist to have fun playing Yamodo.

I like the variations that allow for slower play (increasing the time limits), extended play (each round includes two spins of the Spindoodler), and super quick play (just one round).

I appreciate that the dynamic pairing of Word Cards and Tag Line Cards exponentially increases the number of possible combinations. For example, "Zipperdo" won't always be paired with "hard to believe." For me, "Zipperdo" combined with "in a jam" brings to mind a completely different definition. With the different combinations, the possibilities seem endless.

For my family of three, the opportunities to play this game are limited, simply because it works best with four or more players. It would be great for a larger family or a party, and I think it would be a fun ice-breaker!

Buy It: Yamodo Party Time is available from Barnes & Noble.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Yamodo Party Time, at no cost to me, for review purposes.


  1. Sounds like fun. I would imagine the drawings could get really funny!


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