Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amy here again!

Hey, everyone, thanks for the welcome.

Just a quick comment about the snickerdoodles: The recipe Melissa posted is the same one that I use (of course, we're sisters!) My family does enjoy snickerdoodles enough to have them more than once a year. My husband even chose snickerdoodle cookie dough mix from a fundraiser catalog, but they're not nearly as good as the real thing, and it didn't save much effort, either.

redkathy commented that Betty Crocker has some great recipes. I agree, but it also reminded me of a story from early in my marriage. Hubby was active military for several years and when they went on training exercises, I'd bake things for care packages. Once I used a new muffin recipe and shipped without tasting them. Of course they were terrible. All the guys were telling him that he shouldn't tell me how bad they were, since I'd be insulted and never send anything again. He told them that he was more afraid that I'd bake those muffins again!

And redkathy commented a few days ago that Melissa and I are both very organized, but my kitchen counter and desk would have to seriously disagree with that.


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