Thursday, October 22, 2009, a New Shopping Resource (Review)

I'm a huge fan of online shopping. I love the convenience of shopping from home, and I like being able to compare prices from store to store without spending all day in the car. I recently learned about a website called, which not only makes price comparisons easy but also offers another feature: a forum where users can ask and answer questions about specific products. This forum should increase in usefulness as people ask and answer more questions, expanding the database.

The price comparison, which seems especially strong for electronics, pulls prices from major retailers (, Walmart, Sears) as well as some retailers that I might not have considered. I spot-checked some prices that were displayed against the prices on the retailers' sites, and the only discrepancy was on an item that had, apparently, recently been priced for clearance.

When we were looking for slim jewel cases to store CDs, we found a wide range of prices at various online retailers. I did a search on to see the comparison pricing. It's a difficult item to compare, because of all the different brands, styles, and package sizes. But the best deal--a sale price at Staples--was on the first page of results. I was pleasantly surprised, too, that the price quoted by took into account the instant Staples coupon.

When I searched for a specific MP3 player, I found not only a two-page list of stores with their prices, but also a question and answer for a similar MP3 player. By using the Previous and Next options, I found at least a dozen more questions about MP3 players--questions about capacity, battery life, what's included in the package, and more. Although they weren't specific to the product I was viewing, some of the information was applicable to any MP3 player.

Next time you're comparison-shopping online, I encourage you to give a try.

Disclosure: Although I received compensation for writing this review, the opinions I have shared are my own.


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