Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free Online Vision Screening for Babies

Vision disorders are the fourth most common disability among children in the United States and the leading cause of impaired conditions in childhood. Recent studies estimate that only 21% of all preschool children are screened for vision problems and only 14% receive a comprehensive vision exam.
I was surprised to read that 72 percent of children with vision deficits go undetected until after the window for effective treatment expires. If not treated early enough, an amblyopic eye may never develop good vision and may become functionally blind. [source]

Parents can help by watching for signs of vision trouble in their young children. One resource now available is a free online vision assessment. The assessment is a series of ten questions for parents to answer about their children. At the end of the quiz, parents receive results immediately (no registration is necessary).

A more thorough test is available from pediatricians who use the Enfant Vision Test. You can read more about the test here and here. According to the Enfant Vision website, most insurance plans will pay for this test.

Disclosure: I have received no compensation for passing along this information that I received in email. I am posting this because I believe that parents should be equipped to make informed decisions about the health care of their children.


  1. My son wore glasses at 15 months. It is correct, an amblyopic eye may never develop good vision. My son's vision is 20 200 without glasses.

  2. This is an amazing test for children! There is an area of the website where you can find pediatricians in your area that offer it.


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