Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blogging for Chocolate

Not long ago, my bloggy friend Lisa shared about the opportunity to blog for chocolate from Not one to pass up the opportunity to try a new chocolate treat, I dashed off an inquiry and soon received the hoped-for response.

When the chocolate arrived, it was carefully packed in a styrofoam-lined box with air pillows and a cold pack. Inside the layers of protective packaging was a box of six Gourmet Chocolate Oreos with a Smiley Face Design. These are made by Sweet Expertise, LLC, and available through


These are not your typical chocolate-covered Oreos. Each of these is a thick block of dark chocolate with an Oreo embedded in it. This is a cross-section:


The chocolate is rich and creamy, not waxy like some chocolates can be. It's an indulgent treat that would make a fun gift or special party favor. The smiley face is just one of many designs available: they have flowers, brides and grooms, teddy bears, and more.

My only negative observation was that these got a bit banged up in transit. The protective packaging was fine, but couldn't keep the candies from bouncing around inside the inner box. Tiny flecks of chocolate marred the shiny surface of the molded chocolate. Can you see it in this photo?

They still taste delicious! However, I think I would be disappointed if I paid full price to send this as a gift and they arrived in this imperfect condition.

Right now at, you can receive free ground shipping on selected items (click here to find out which items qualify for your area). And if you register for the email list, you can receive a $5 gift certificate for a future purchase.

Disclosure: I received this chocolate, at no cost to me, for review purposes.


  1. Oh I know you couldn't pass up chocolate! Nice review, I'll be visiting the site.

  2. Can never go wrong with chocolate.

  3. Free chocolate always tastes better...and I love the smiley faces. Choc covered oreos are one of my favorites and I have even made them myself. but none turned out as cute as these.

  4. Glad you got some free chocolate!! Wow - those look delicious! Yum...

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  6. I love these Oreos too. I have used this vendor repeatedly from another website and have always been absolutely delighted.

    We own several stores in resort towns and sell Sweet Expertise products there. (You should see the full product line available to wholesalers! OMG!)Our customers can't get enough of these products. We can barely keep them on our shelves!

    I'm baffled by the flecks too. We've ordered literally hundreds of boxes without any problems. I'm in my store looking at a box right now. My only theory is that the tray cavity might be a little small and some of the chocolate got "shaved" off when the oreo was put in the cavity. They are a very generous size chocolate covered oreo. Not just dipped in chocolate like others.

    Maybe you can contact them directly. I'm sure that they would be willing to send you a replacement. MORE FREE CHOCOLATE! YUM!


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