Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best of the Mommy Bloggers Carnival

Thanks again to Susanna at A Modern Mother for the opportunity to host this edition of the Best of the Mommy Bloggers Carnival.

This event takes place every two weeks and features recent posts from the mommy blogger community. It’s a fun way to meet new bloggers and discover new sites. If you didn't have a chance to submit your post yet, please feel free to link to it in the comments.

Here's how the carnival works:

  • Every two weeks a different mommy blogger “hosts” the carnival.
  • Members of the blogging community submit their best or favorite posts from the past month. Posts must be have been written in the past four weeks.
  • The host blogger then compiles the carnival.
  • All of the submitters help publicize in some way — Twitter, Facebook, a blog post, a link.

So, without further delay, I present the carnival submissions for this edition:

  1. If you've ever had one of those days--and who hasn't?--don't miss Tara's post on Why I love being a mum (because, you know, sometimes it’s easy to forget). I couldn't agree more!

  2. Sandy submitted her recipe for homemade sun-dried tomatoes. If you have an abundance of tomatoes, or if you just like great recipes with great photos, you'll enjoy this.

  3. Amy wrote a heartfelt post about missing her dad on his birthday. Most of us will have to deal with losing a parent--if we haven't already--and Amy shares her heart in this entry.

  4. Finally, I chose a recent post about the card game that my son invented. What started as a family project, born out of a family crisis, soon turned into a family business.
I encourage you to visit these ladies, check out their posts, and leave some comment love if you like! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You moose game is awesome. I think it's just wonderful that moms get together and host these blogging events! It's amazing how women around the world can connect. My kids are adults now and I'm sure I would have loved to be involved with these type of things, so beneficial.

  2. What a fun way of meeting new bloggers:) Will check some of them out.


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