Friday, September 11, 2009

Restaurant Savings: Bring It Home

We like to eat out about once a week. It give me a break from cooking and it's fun for the whole family. We save by using coupons from the Entertainment Book,, websites, and ads. We save by drinking water instead of anything that costs money. Today I'd like to share two more tips that help us save.

First, we sometimes get takeout instead of eating at a restaurant. This saves on tips and, in some states, might save on sales tax. Although we still have some cleanup, it's a break from cooking.

Second, we've been getting catered meals. Sounds extravagant, doesn't it? But here's what we recently figured out. For about $30-35 (roughly the same as we'd pay for three adult restaurant meals, even with a coupon), we can bring home a tray that will feed the whole family for two or three dinners! We'll either have it for the whole weekend, or freeze portions for the future.

Sounds wacky, but it works! For more Frugal Friday, click through the logo at the top of this post.

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  1. I never thought of the catering idea! Brilliant! I have a favorite place that does catering, but have so far only taken home individual lunches from there--they make killer lemon chicken. I'm going to try your idea soon!


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