Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Fall Garden

I confess: I've been very lazy about maintaining the gardens this summer. Between the weird weather (rain, more rain, too hot, rain again, etc.) and other things to do, I just didn't get out there very much. I hadn't even deadheaded the marigolds until this week. But while I was working in the flower garden, I took a few photos.


Especially this year, I just love that marigolds seem to bloom even when they haven't gotten proper care! After I pinched off the dead flowers, I tossed some into a bare patch. I'll be delighted if even a few of them grow next spring.

I never remember what this pink flower is called. It's a perennial, and I think its nickname includes "butterfly." The flowers are at the end of long stems, and they sort of flutter in the breeze. So pretty!



Finally, this is the first of the chrysanthemums to bloom.


We still need to clean up the vegetable garden, but the flower garden shouldn't need much more attention until the first frost.


  1. Oh Melissa your garden is lovely! I am jealous. I don't have time for flowers. I barely keep up with a few potted herbs. Your pics are awesome!


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