Monday, September 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Week of September 14

Last week went pretty much according to plan. I took some photos while we were making the Italian hot dogs and the pot stickers, and I'll post the recipes soon. This week will be a typical week for us, except that we plan to do the catering thing for Friday and Saturday.

Monday: Superchicken, mashed potatoes, celery and carrot sticks with homemade blue cheese dip

Tuesday: Beef and bean chimichangas, salsa rice

Wednesday: French bread pizza with peppers, onions, and pepperoni

Thursday: Pasta with sausage sauce, sourdough bread

Friday: No cooking!

I just looked over the list (which is based mostly on the ingredients we have on hand), and realized that it looks like we're cooking for winter already. Wishful thinking, I guess!

For more menu plans, ideas, and inspiration, click the Menu Plan Monday logo at the top of this post.


  1. I've been cooking for winter too. I think the hot Fl summer has worn out it's welcome!

  2. SuperChicken... sounds like it's going to fly off your plate! I wanna try the homemade blue cheese dip. Yummy... Check out mine

  3. I say every week I'm going to make a menu and I never do. I plan the meat of my meals before I buy groceries so I know exactly what I'm buying. But that's as far as it goes.

  4. The superchicken sounds great. Dh and I love buffalo wings and the kiddo likes spicy but he hates chicken on the bone. Super chicken sounds like a great solution :)


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