Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Handmade Sympathy Cards

Making sympathy cards has always been a challenge for me. The pattern papers I purchase are usually "happy" designs, and it's been easier just to purchase cards. This year I decided to take up that challenge.

I found a great deal on eBay and purchased a set of clear stamps that are all greeting-card sentiments. (It was an MSE set.) I found some pattern papers that are pretty but not whimsical. And, as usual, I set up the Cuttlebug machine.
The embossing and the die cuts were all done with the Cuttlebug.

I like the pairing of pink and green, which I used on the first card. One of my favorite packs of card stock is a "botanical" set that has two shades of pink, two shades of green, and off-white. I also like the second card because the gate fold is something different from what I usually make.  (I had a link to a video here, until I discovered that the link no longer worked.)


  1. What beautiful cards! What a nice way to show you care during a difficult time.

  2. I love your cards! Very pretty.

  3. *sigh* Well as usual, I am completely envious of your ability to make handmade cards. They're so special to give and receive. I especially love the second picture. Beautiful.

  4. Wow. Great job. They are gorgeous.


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