Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goody Hair Styling and Accessories - Review

Who would have thought that something as simple as a headband could make a girl smile?

I used to wear headbands regularly, but they always slipped off and poked the backs of my ears. Then I tried the Goody OuchlessFlex Pressure-Free Headband with Comfort-Flex Tips. This headband has tiny teeth to hold it in place, and curved tips that don't hurt my ears. It's comfortable, reliable, and stylish.

I've recently become a fan of the Ouchless Collection from Goody. The company sent me a number of products to review, and the ones from this collection are by far my favorites! And the Ouchless Collection isn't just accessories. Take a look at this brush:

If there's such a thing as the perfect hairbrush, I think this is it. The bristles retract under pressure, so the brush doesn't tug the hair when it hits tangles. The Comfort Gel handle is very, very comfortable to hold. I love this brush for my own hair, but I think it would also be very useful for a child with tangle-prone hair. By the way, it's available in light blue and light green, as well as pink.

We've also been using a brush from the So Gelous Collection, which has a handle made of a similar gel. It seems to me that the handle on the So Gelous brush is more round than the handle on the Ouchless brush, and the So Gelous line features more masculine colors (silver, green, and light blue--no pink or lavender).

I just want to show you a few more products that I haven't tried!

I never knew there were bobby pins to match hair color! (These are from the ColourCollection.) The So Hot item is a flat iron comb, which is designed to keep the hair in place while using a flat iron; I don't use--or own--a flat iron, so I wasn't able to try this. The Ouchless detangling comb looks as though it would be great for working conditioner through long hair, as well as for detangling.

In addition to these products, Goody has some cute, fun ponytail holders for girls and some elegant ones for women. I'll be looking for those in stores: I'm always using something to hold my hair off my face!

Goody products are available online and at many retail locations, including CVS, Walgreens, WalMart, Target, and many supermarkets.


  1. Oh these are good things to know! I love headbands, but rarely could find a "comfortable" one. :) Thanks for a great review!!

  2. I use quite a few Goody products and have to say I have been pleased with the performance!

  3. Thanks for the post Melissa! Great blog :)
    ~Lori Ann, eMarketing Manager, Goody


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