Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Decorating Dilemmas

This has nothing to do with the Back to School Bash, but I didn't want to miss Amanda's first blog party! She's very good at repurposing, transforming, and embellishing, and I just know she and her crafty/decorating friends are going to have a good suggestion for my decorating dilemma.

Home decor is so not my area of expertise. We decorate in neutral colors. When we shop for furniture, we shop exhaustively and try to invest in something that will last a lifetime. Think traditional.

But here's the dilemma:

This is the only lamp, and the only place for a lamp, in the bedroom. For that reason, we need more than a small nightstand lamp. What you see here is a mismatched lamp and shade combination, which we put together when the old lamp broke.

We've shopped everywhere for a new lamp, but the ones we like are in the $200 price range. I really don't want to spend that much to replace a lamp that still works, so I'm looking for frugal alternatives to make it look better. What do you think?

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  1. Hi Melissa.
    What does the rest of the room look like??
    Is it all dark wood? Masculine? Any feminine thrown in??

    I have some ideas, but would depend on those answers to some of those questions to help.

    let me know.

    barbara jean

  2. How about spray painting the lamp white, and then it would kind of look like milkglass or hobnail. Definitely get a new lampshade. You know, I think I saw something recently where they took all the pleated fabric off a similar shade and covered the smooth plastic shade with new fabric!

  3. Thanks, Barb and Holly!

    Barb -- The rest of the room is the same kind of dark wood and off-white walls/fabrics.

    Holly -- Is it possible to spray paint glass? I hadn't thought of doing that, but if it works (and if my husband agrees!), it might be an answer.

  4. Does the base come off? Could you slip in a cylinder of pretty paper, or fill with shells?

  5. I would spray paint the glass. Either a dark brown or ivory. Then I would cover the lampshade with some pretty material. Or just embellish it with some pretty ribbon.

  6. I agree with the previous comments. Also, at Hobby Lobby and such, they have inexpensive lamp shades that are coated in an adhesive. You take off the cover paper, trace fabric using the cover as a pattern, and adhere the fabric directly to the lampshade. It would take very little fabric and a cheap lampshade to totally change the look of that lamp.

    Plus ribbon. I love ribbon!

  7. Have I got a solution for you!!! I had to search for it, but Kate has two lamps like yours that she redid. I found two at Salvation Army that I haven't redone yet, but it's on the works. ;)


    You can also get a special glass froster spray paint (at Lowe's) and frost the glass so it's not see-through.

    Maybe check out Wal-Mart's Better Homes & Gardens line for a new shade?

    Thank you SO much for joining my party. :)

  8. I love Holly's idea of spray painting.
    After that, hopefully you have a Target or Wallmart near you - take the lamp with you when looking for its new shade - it's so hard to get the right proportions otherwise.

  9. Sorry, no suggestion, but BOY am I reading all of them. Have found some that already sound helpful here. Thank you Frugal Creativity and Readers.
    Marj M.

  10. I've got some old lamps that I love but would consider spray painting them because the terracotta color doesn't blend in with any of our furnishings any longer, but am skeptical that I might not spray them properly or the paint will run and then I've messed up a good lamp.


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