Friday, August 28, 2009

Coupon with Caution

This tip is something that my husband figured out. He was on the website of a car-rental agency, and he was comparing prices with various discount and coupon codes. Everything on the page indicated that the AAA discount could be combined with another coupon code.

However, as he tried different combinations of codes, he realized that they weren't all working as expected. When he applied the AAA discount followed by a coupon code, the base rate for that rental car increased. The difference was dramatic enough that it was cheaper not to use the coupon code!

I probably haven't explained it very well. But all of this is to say, do the math and make sure that coupon codes work as you expect!

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  1. Wow, your husband is smart! It sure does pay to do a little math, doesn't it?

  2. Some companies are so sneaky:( Sometime ago I was at a jewerly outlet store and they had 50% off sale on stuff. I was so excited til my Husband said that they had jacked the prices up and then said it was 50% off. They just went back to the original price.

    Regarding the card I made: No frame. I just used different cardstock and matted each one.


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