Friday, August 21, 2009

Contest: Baby's Most Memorable Feeding Moments

Here's another contest that sounds like fun. Most parents and grandparents remember some funny or messy moments while feeding babies. After all, those sweet potatoes got splattered on the wall somehow, right? If you've captured one of those moments on video, Earth's Best wants to see it.

Just upload a video of your baby's most memorable feeding moment with Earth's Best foods. Each entrant who submits a video will receive more than $5 worth of Earth’s Best coupons. In addition, for every entry, Earth's Best will donate one product to support the Feed The Children charity. Entries will be accepted through November 30.

At the conclusion, 25 lucky babies will be selected as the new faces of the “Earth’s Best Generation Pure.” In January 2010, the new faces of Generation Pure will debut at Parents will win a month’s supply of Earth’s Best baby food, diapers, and wipes valued at more than $200.

You can read all the details and submit your video here.


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