Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bushkill Falls - Virtual Tour and Tips

A couple of weeks ago, my family headed to Bushkill Falls, in the Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, for a day trip. I wanted to share some photos and some tips for anyone who might visit Bushkill Falls.

We took the Red trail--which is recommended for avid hikers--although we are not avid hikers. We just wanted to see everything!

The scenery is beautiful. We arrived early in the morning, so there weren't many people on the trails. The only sounds were from the rushing streams and waterfalls.

I took lots of close-up photos of rock formations, plants, and spiderwebs. Because the park is so heavily wooded, you'll see plenty of ferns and moss, and a few wild mushrooms.

If you'd like to visit Bushkill Falls, I'd offer these tips to save money and improve your experience:
  • Look for coupons. We had a BOGO coupon from the Entertainment Book [edited to remove non-functioning link], which saved $10 off admission.  I don't know if these coupons are in the current editions of the Entertainment Book.  [edited to add: I've seen these coupons for sale on eBay, but I can't vouch for the sellers or the legality of selling the coupons.]
  • Wear sturdy shoes. We saw girls in flip-flops, which could not have been comfortable!
  • Arrive early. We hiked in cooler temperatures and avoided the two-mile-plus traffic jam that built up while we were in the park.
  • Take your own bottled water. Once you're on the trail, there is nowhere to purchase water or snacks. There are also no restrooms.
  • Choose your trail carefully. While the longer trails will allow you to see more scenery, be aware that the Red trail has 1267 steps (which seem to be all uphill, although I know that's impossible). Except for the shortest trail, all of the trails include some rough terrain. This is a sample:
  • Because of the rugged terrain and steps, most of the trails aren't suitable for babies in strollers or young children.
Bushkill Falls is a lovely place to visit, and I think you'll enjoy your visit even more with these tips.


  1. Bushkill Falls really beautiful. I remember going there as a teenager.

  2. Looks beautiful. That's not that far for us to plan a mini vactaion.

  3. What beautiful scenery! The lines sound worse than Yosemite. Good tips. I appreciate knowing which tips are good for toddlers (or not) because I am the one who ends up carrying Rew, when he can't or won't walk.

  4. What wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy waterfalls and mountains. No more hiking but still enjoy the beauty.
    Marj M.


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