Friday, August 21, 2009

The Best Parts of a Rough Week: Friday's Fave Five

Even though it's been kind of a rough week, there have been plenty of blessings. I wanted to make a point of finding the positive aspects, and Friday's Fave Five seems like a good way to do that.

  1. My husband has been especially supportive, thoughtful, and encouraging. He's always wonderful, but he has outdone himself this week.
  2. I'm so thankful for praying friends and for God, who always hears our prayers. Even in the midst of a difficult situation, I've been very aware that God is holding onto me.
  3. On a much lighter note--we are enjoying an abundance of fresh tomatoes from the garden. There's nothing like homegrown tomatoes!
  4. Today is a quiet day with a very short to-do list!
  5. I'm just loving this song:

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  1. I hope your weekend is refreshing and restful. Enjoy all those tomatoes!

  2. Encouraging hubbies are the best. As are friends who will stand by us and lift us up before the Lord when we need it.

  3. Nice to have a supportive husband, and lots of tomatoes! Mine are just starting to come in :)

  4. I'm sorry y'all are in a difficult situation right now. Ah, but the Lord knows what He's doing, doesn't He? :) How nice to hear your husband has been especially helpful. :)
    Have a great evening Melissa!

  5. God will not give you anything that you can not handle!
    Remember that!


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