Sunday, July 26, 2009

Veal Parm on a Budget (Recipe Review)

In last week's menu plan, I wrote that I was going to try a new recipe for veal parmigiana using ground veal. This was my starting point, although I used it only as a guideline.

I shaped the veal into patties, then dipped the patties in egg and dredged them in seasoned bread crumbs. Although the recipe calls for baking the patties, I pan-fried them. After they were cooked through, I melted fresh mozzarella on top and added spaghetti sauce before serving.

My family thought this recipe was just okay. The ground veal has a mild flavor and its texture was somewhat mushy. (The fried breadcrumb coating was the best part of the patties!) We all preferred the eggplant parmigiana that we had in the same meal. And since eggplant is both cheaper and healthier than veal, it seems like a clear winner!


  1. Good review! :) I have a hard time making some Italian meals b/c T hates cheese (seriously, who hates cheese??!). He likes regular tomato sauce, pizza, and Cheez-its...but that's it! :s

  2. Thanks for another great review. Yes, it really does make snse both from a fiscal point of view as well as a healthy point of view to use eggplant over veal.

  3. we usually use a 60/40 split for what we call veal cakes- 40 pork 60 veal. veal is just too bland when ground....

    you might want to try that....


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