Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teaching Kids about Money - Earning

lemonade stand
I've been thinking lately about our responsibility, as parents, to teach our children about money. We strive to instill good values through teaching and setting a good example. I usually think about this in terms of stewardship--making wise choices for giving, spending, and saving--but an email message reminded me of an area that we haven't emphasized: earning.

Did you know that the old-fashioned lemonade stand is making a comeback? Kids are selling lemonade to raise money for their own goals or to give to charity. If this is something that your kids would like to try, Family Capers (which happens to be written by acquaintances of ours) has a detailed business plan for a lemonade stand.

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Junior Edition (I haven't read the book, only this blog post) has other ideas of ways for kids to earn money. I can't say I approve of every one of them, but the ideas are creative and might even spark other ideas!

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  1. Found you on SITS. You are busy here!!

    Like the idea to keep installing the value of money in kids. Things come way to easy to our children, or at least mine.

    I have a giveaway of a pretty apron you may like at The Apron Goddesses. :)


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