Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Someone I Love is Sick - Review

A diagnosis of cancer can be shocking, devastating, and frightening for adults. Young children face their own kind of challenges when they learn that a parent or grandparent has been diagnosed with cancer. Someone I Love is Sick is a resource designed for adults who seek to help children cope with these challenges.

Designed for use with children ages two to six, Someone I Love is Sick is a three-ring binder with a set of cards that can be assembled to create a custom book. I reviewed the Parent version; a Grandparent version is also available.

Some of the cards--book pages--supply information, while others address feelings. Extra pages offer parents guidance on how to use the book in a way that's appropriate for the child's age and the stage of the cancer journey. Many of the pages provide openings for children to ask questions or for parents to fill in the specifics. Through these pages and conversation with caring adults, children will learn the answers to common questions that children ask about cancer. Someone I Love is Sick has no faith-based content, so parents can provide answers consistent with their own worldview.

The book website offers even more information about talking to children about cancer. For more information or to order this book, visit the book website.


  1. Oh my, what an answered prayer for you to post this. We found out the first of June that my mother in law has lung cancer that has spread everywhere and she was given 2 months (we are on week 6 now). My youngest is 8 and has tons of questions that are so hard to answer. I am definitely looking into this book.

  2. This would have been so helpful when Jason's Grandfather got sick. Our daughter was so confused.


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