Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Silly Squash

I just realized why I feel as though we should be decorating for autumn!
These squash look so much like little pumpkins!


  1. What kind of squash is that suppose to be? They do look like mini pumpkins lol.. let us know if they still tasted good! I had a zuchinni and squash plant merge and tasted like both and looked weird.

  2. Awe! They look so cute! I love grabbing those little pumpkins and little squash and decorating the house with them:)

  3. I have never seen squash like that! But ya gotta admit they're really cute. :) I think squash season is IN for everybody! People are trying to give it away by the bushel!! LOL!

  4. They are so cute. I like to take tooth picks and various veggies and let my kids make silly faces on mini-pumpkins. We would have lots of fun with those little guys.

  5. They are cute!

    Are they supposed to be regular yellow squash?


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