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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sale Reminder - Last Day to Order!

Just wanted to remind you that today -- Monday, July 20 -- is the very last day you can order Classic Prayers for Children at "Christmas in July" sale pricing. Don't miss out!

In case you missed my review, here's an excerpt:

What I most like about this book is that this collection of prayers is a wonderful example of how to pray. These prayers, collectively, cover the fundamental areas of prayer: praising God, seeking His forgiveness, thanking Him for His provision, asking for His guidance, praying for our pastors and teachers, asking God for healing in times of sickness, and submitting to the Lord's will. Whether we grow up in Christian homes or come to Christ as adults, we all learn how to pray. This book is an outstanding resource for that.

This book is a good value at its regular price of $9.99. But during the sale, you can order the book directly from Laurie and her husband, and you'll receive free shipping. In addition, for orders of two or more books, they'll apply a 10% discount: each copy of Classic Prayers for Children will be just $9.00.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get this book for your own children, or for other children you love, at a terrific price!

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