Monday, July 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Week of July 13

Last week we stocked the freezer with chicken, while it was on sale. This week, we're using what we have in the freezer and from the garden.

Monday: Steaks (a "Manager's Special" purchase), baked potatoes, sauteed vegetable medley (see below), cucumber salad

Tuesday: Something to use up all the squash we just picked! Maybe this or this.

Wednesday: Vegetable lasagna

Thursday: Calzone with pepperoni and red peppers

Friday: Superchicken, oven fries, raw carrots, cucumber salad

The sauteed vegetable medley is just a way to use the handful of green beans and sugar snap peas we've picked, plus some broccoli and carrots that I have on hand!

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  1. You hooked me with "Superchicken". Gotta check that one out. :) Aren't gardens wonderful? You always get an abundance of veggies that you run out of uses for, but it's so nice to have that fresh stuff from your own backyard!

  2. Great menu plan, I love using our garden veggies as well! Your cucumber salad is very similar to our, except we add a splash of milk, and a spoonful of Miracle whip. Yum!


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