Thursday, July 9, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow? July 9

Not much is blooming in the flower garden, except for a few marigolds and the black-eyed Susan:

My gazania seems to have been mistaken for rabbit food!

There's more going on in the vegetable garden right now. This is a flower on the green-bean plant. I hope it yields some beans before the plant gets overgrown by the cucumbers.

This monstrosity is two squash plants, obviously planted too close together.

The squash are round, not long. I can't figure out if they start out green and turn yellow as they ripen. That's what I thought, but I also see some tiny yellow fruits on the plant.

Here's one of two squash that I picked today:

We have a few green grape tomatoes, a few small plum tomatoes, and this Brandywine:

This is what I picked while I was taking photos. I'll have to find a place in this week's menu for cucumber salad!

What's happening with your garden? For more garden updates, visit Stephanie at A High and Noble Calling.


  1. Good harvest! :) I am itching to pick some of the tomatoes we have growing out back. We only have 3 plants. :)

  2. Nice blacked eyed Susan. I'm hoping to plant some fall veges if all goes well.

  3. Your plants look great! Enjoy your cucumber & squash!! :)

  4. Wow, your garden is doing well! What type of squash are you growing?

  5. Nice looking garden! We had Black eyed Susans in our yard once, but my Husband thought they were weeds and pulled them. He forgot ours blooms closer to August. I loved them, they made the yard so pretty. He felt bad.

    We also planted a garden this year, but we must have bad seeds because the only thing growing is some sugar peas. So we went to Meijer and grabbed some green papper plants. I wished they had cucumber plants. Oh well.


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