Sunday, July 12, 2009

Deep-Frying Fun (Funnel Cakes, Oreos, Snickers)

Over the holiday weekend, my husband asked if I'd try making funnel cakes at home. He didn't have to ask twice! I found a recipe online and brought out the deep-fryer (which had been used once before I stashed it away).

I added half a bottle of canola oil to the fryer and let it preheat to 375F while I mixed up the batter using this recipe. It was a very thick batter and wasn't even close to flowing through the tiny opening of the funnel I have. Before we thinned it, though, we dipped some Snickers bars and deep-fried those:

The whole bar melted inside the cakey coating. It was great!

Then we dipped some Oreos and deep-fried those:

Never mind the Snickers smudge on the plate. The Oreos soften and the texture sort of melds with the cakey shell. These were very good, but not as good as the Snickers bars.

We added milk to the batter; I don't know how much, but until it was able to flow through the funnel. After a while, we quit using the funnel and poured from a measuring cup with a spout. I don't have any pictures of the funnel cakes!

We also tried using the thinner batter to dip Oreos and Snickers bars. The Oreos were just-okay that way, but the Snickers bars were a mess. As soon as they hit the hot oil, the chocolate oozed out through the thin batter. I don't recommend that!

This was a fun family project, but--in my opinion--is best reserved for special occasions.

I'm linking this up to Chocolate Friday!


  1. I have been wanting to make funnel cakes for a while now but I just haven't gotten around to it. How did the funnel cake taste?

  2. @redkathy - The funnel cake was very good! I think I added a bit of vanilla to the batter. We had more fun with the Oreos and Snickers bars, but it all tasted good.

  3. I've made funnel cakes before and loved doing it, but haven't tried the snickers bars or the oreos. Bet my kids would love that.

  4. These look SO good!!! I want the snicker one!

  5. Oh, yum....!! We rarely deep fry (got my first fry daddy for Christmas, though) and I soo want to make the deep-fried snickers!

    So far, the two favorites that we've made are super easy onion rings (just using pancake mix):

    And, cake donuts...YUMMY! I dropped small balls using my cookie scoop. The directions have you roll out the dough...I don't know how you can - it is soo sticky. So, perfect to drop into the oil. Shake in bags of powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar... YUMMMMY!

  6. I luuuuvvvvv funnel cakes! Whats better than deep fried sweetness? Nothing! lol

  7. I saw a post on deep-fried oreos once, but I've never seen the snickers before! Both of these sound so yummy!

  8. How fun! I hope you link this up to Chocolate Friday!


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