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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SwagBucks Update and Bonus Code

Search & Win

My SwagBucks account is up to 32 SwagBucks! That gift card is so close I can almost see my name written on it. :) I've read so many "success stories" about SwagBucks: I just read about one blogger who earned $30 in Amazon gift cards plus an iTunes gift card in one month!

I also just read that, through June 16, new SwagBucks members can get 3 bonus SwagBucks by using this code: MOMMYSNACKSCODE (if you do, please visit Andrea to say Thanks for the bonus code). That's in addition to the 3 SwagBucks just for signing up, so you'd start out with 6 SwagBucks toward your goal.

If you've been considering signing up for SwagBucks, this is a good time to do so. If you use my referral link, thank you. Either way, I encourage you to look into it!

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  1. Interesting about the code! I just started using swagbucks and was going to blog about this week.

    Off to visit Andrea!


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