Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sturdy Whipped Cream Frosting (WFMW)

I love whipped cream frosting on cakes, mostly because it's not overly sweet. I haven't used it as often as I'd like, because it doesn't hold up as well as I'd like. Until now!

I found this recipe for Sturdy Whipped Cream Frosting. I made a cake with it once and we really enjoyed it. The frosting held up for at least 24 hours (in the refrigerator). I don't have any more stability data because the sample was, er, consumed in testing, but it was showing no signs of collapsing, softening, or sliding off the cake. I liked the frosting so much that I used it to make another cake yesterday. This time we had a larger group of taste-testers, and everyone enjoyed the frosting.

Cream cheese is used to stabilize the whipped cream, and at first the frosting has some of that tanginess of cream cheese. Since I had strawberries in the cake, the tanginess was a good complement. After about 24 hours, the tanginess had faded and was fairly mild.

This frosting has become my new favorite. It not only works for me, but I'm so jazzed that I had to share it (again) with you!


  1. First of all YUM lol I love new recipes for frosting!

    And you are welcome.. I thought your blog was so cute! And besides it is so fun to "meet" other bloggers :)

  2. I'm so excited to have a reason to bake another cake immediately!!!
    Thanks for the recipe!
    All Things Heart and HOme

  3. Nice recipe! I'm not much of a baker. I think a box cake with this yummy frosting would qualify for a "home made" dessert from me ;)

  4. Am I to assume it is granulated or pwdr sugar?

  5. @Anonymous: I used granulated sugar. I haven't tried this recipe with powdered sugar, so I don't know how that would work. If you try it, please let me know!


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