Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Thursday Thoughts

  • Now that my niece's birthday has passed, I can post a photo of the birthday card I made for her. The whole card is made from the sparkly flowery cardstock; embossing and die-cuts were made with the Cuttlebug Machine.

  • I'm experimenting with a new slow cooker recipe today. Instead of cranking up the oven to make eggplant parm, I mixed the (partially cooked) eggplant pieces with sauce ingredients (crushed tomatoes, chopped garlic, olive oil, basil, black pepper) and some uncooked noodles (odds and ends from the pantry). I added some water so the pasta has enough liquid to absorb. I'll keep an eye on it (in case it needs more water) and add the cheese toward the end of the cooking time. I'll let you know how it turns out! (Update at 4pm: This does not need to cook all day, even on low heat. I am not looking forward to cleaning the stuck-on food from the slow cooker crock! It sure smells good, though! Next time I might try it this way.) (Update at 6pm: This was not a hit with my family. Although it was edible, the noodles were mushy and it was more like eggplant stew than eggplant parm. My husband said it would have been better to turn on the oven! But he was sweet enough to eat it even though he didn't really care for it.)

  • I wish I had a photo for this one. Our toilet seat needs to be replaced, because the screws are loose and the seat wobbles. Last week, before the contractors arrived to install the new air conditioner, my son made a warning sign--make that two warning signs--for the toilet. I can just imagine what was going through the minds of the contractors when they saw bright red warning labels on the toilet seat!

  • Momma Cooks is hosting a blog carnival this week. Stop by to participate or to find links to articles about the challenges of being a mom, class reunions, and more.


  1. Dinner sounds good! Let us know how it turns out. We love eggplant parm. here but I don't make it in the summer because I don't want to heat up the house with the stove.

  2. Ok I saw your post on my blog... what happened with the eggplant?? I was really hoping it was going to turn out great because I was going to try it next!

  3. Sorry about the Eggplant dish, but thanks for the tip! Nice card too.


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