Friday, June 5, 2009

More Saving on Seasonings

Last week I wrote about saving on spices like garlic salt and onion salt. This week I'm continuing the theme of seasonings, to talk about fresh ginger and compound butters.

I like using fresh ginger when I make stir-fry dishes, but I don't like paying $4/pound and using only a teaspoon or two of it. My solution is to freeze it. After I cut off the portion I need, I wrap the rest (unpeeled) in plastic wrap, then overwrap it in foil. I mark it with the date and freeze it. When I need fresh ginger again, I don't thaw it, but peel a section and grate it directly from the frozen piece.

In my menu plan a few weeks ago, I mentioned corn on the cob with chive butter. I mixed more than we needed for dinner, so I could freeze the rest. I transferred it to a sheet of wax paper, shaped it like a log, and rolled it up. I sealed that in a freezer bag (marked and dated) for freezer storage.

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  1. That sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I haven't made flavored butter before so I'm off to check out your chive butter recipe!

  3. Thanks for the tip on freezing ginger. I freeze fresh herbs like parsley but had no idea the ginger would keep in the freezer also.

  4. Thanks for the idea. It had never occurred to me to freeze ginger before.

  5. Great ideas, Melissa!! Would you believe i've never used ginger?? I bet you think I live in a cave, don't you? LOL!

  6. Oh, yum! I love flavored butters but haven't made any in ages. I'll have to try your idea on ginger, too as normally it is the dried kind.

  7. Yummo! I'd like to try that! I've been trying new rubs for meats and really like it. I'll have to try herbs for veggies now. :-)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about the haircut. I have a lot of room for improvement but the haircuts get by. :-)


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