Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Week of June 15

This week should be less hectic than last week, so we won't need as many quick/easy dinners. Those are tempting, but usually not the healthiest choices. I'm trying to include at least two of my family's favorite meals each week, though. Here's the plan for the upcoming week:

Monday: Homemade pizza with pepperoni and onion

Tuesday: Garlic Roasted Crock Pot Chicken (a new recipe for me) with rice and green beans

Wednesday: Slow cooker chili with cornbread or tortilla chips

Thursday: Chicken fajitas (trying a slightly different recipe), fiesta rice, refried beans

Friday: Eggplant parm, pasta, homemade sourdough bread

To see many more menu plans, click over to Menu Plan Monday.


  1. Those fajitas sound fantastic! That (along with the eggplant parmesan)is another one of those things I've never attempted to make! I've got both of these things on my to-do list though. :) Once I get ready to cook them, you may get an email from me. :)
    Have a great Monday, Melissa!

  2. We're doing homemade pizza tonight as well! The eggplant parmesan sounds delicious!

  3. Like the sound of the crockpot chicken.


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